Investigator honor goes to Homicide’s Persad and Grimes

HPOU’s Ryan Moreland with Officers Kris Persad & Angeline Grimes

The HPOU presented Investigators of the Month recognition to Officers Kris Persad and Angeline Grimes in the November general membership meeting.

Officers Persad and Grimes are investigative partners in Homicide. In the last couple of months they have received two high-profile cases, both capital murders, that upon initial assignment had low solvability factors.

The first was a robbery gone bad in the parking lot of the Dave & Buster’s on the Katy Freeway, where a 10-year-old girl witnessed the murder of her father right before her very eyes.

A thorough investigation led to capital murder charges.

The second case was a false kidnapping report which ultimately led to the discovery of the murder of a five-year-old boy. Once again, a thorough investigation by this team and accompanied by a tip led to the discovery of the boy’s body and the arrest of the responsible individual.

Officers Persad and Grimes were able to make arrests on both of these cases – which will still will require additional follow-up investigations. They did all of this while still managing additional new cases in the rotation.