It’s a New Year and there’s new events on your calendar!

THROUGHOUT THE LAST THREE MONTHS OF THE “OLD YEAR” we would often hear of events or tasks that will take place “after the first of the year.”

Now the time has come to put many of those items on your “to-do list.”

The first is the Assist the Officer’s annual Heroes’ Gala set for March 26. Patrol officers and Investigators of the years 2020, 2021 and 2022 will be honored, a unique three years of honorees recognized this year due to the cancellation of the gala the past two years due to the coronavirus.

The second event to put on your calendar now is the April 8 Assist the Officer fundraiser for Officer Oleg Pavlov, who died in a tragic accident at his home during the Thanksgiving holidays. Officer Pavlov, a young two-year veteran, left behind a wife and young children.

Now then, it may seem premature to start reminding HPOU members of a fundraiser scheduled four months from now. But remember, all those events that got put off until “after the first of the year” have been on our schedule for a long time now.

The Badge & Gun covers these scheduled events and will be reminding HPOU members of each one of them. The Pavlov fundraiser will be near the top of that list.