Kumar and Eliot picked for Patrol Officers of Month

HPOU’s Seagler with Officer Kumar

The Union named Kumar and Eliot Patrol Officers of the Month for October in the Oct. 6 general membership meeting.

Recently, South Central Patrol officers Kumar and Elliot were dispatched to an Urgent CIT Welfare Check on Fannin Street.

The officers immediately began doing research on the consumer and attempting to get information to verify if he was inside and what threats he posed to himself and others during this crisis.  The officers were able to determine that the suspect was inside and likely about to harm himself.

They were able to breach the door with the assistance of HFD and immediately confronted the consumer threatening to shoot himself with a pistol.  Officers Kumar Elliot quickly established a dialogue and began a rapport with the agitated consumer to begin calming him.

Even with the consumer holding the pistol to his own head, Kumar and Elliott remained in control of the scene and their own emotions to eventually de-escalate the tense scene and convince the consumer to place the gun outside of his wingspan. They gained further trust from the consumer and were able to take him into custody and get him the help he desperately needed with an EDO at the Veterans Hospital.

It was very clear that the consumer’s deteriorating mental health would have ended in him taking his own life if Kumar and Elliott did not have the incredible composure and ability to calmly communicate with the consumer to convince him that there was a better way to resolve his crisis. And for this, they are our officers of the month.