Look at these HPD officer benefits accrued since 1947

The Big Two:  A lifetime pension check for you and your spouse AND lifetime AFFORDABLE health insurance benefits for you AND your spouse.

These benefits are THE reasons my generation of officers completed at least 20 “good” years of service.  Many stayed longer for a lot of reason, but those two were the overriding reasons to finish twenty years.

All of the police officer’s associations have worked diligently since 1947 to develop and keep these benefits.

After 75 years the City is cutting one of these benefits by NOT offering “new hires” health insurance subsidies AFTER retirement for their families.

This is a big expense when you have to buy full supplemental health insurance for your family, especially if you retire before Medicare kicks in for your spouse.

They will cut more if they can.

A key fact all of the active officers need to keep in mind:  In almost all cases you will be retired a lot longer than you will work.

I worked at HPD 23 years and have been retired for 30 years, and I’m just a rookie.

It follows then that we have to take care of each other because no one else will.  That’s the mission of the HPROA.

Of immediate interest to all retirees right now is the health insurance Open Enrollment periods for the City and for Medicare.  Last year was nearly a total disaster.  The City chopped several choices for retirees.

An HPROA Board committee has been formed as a result of the large number of requests from members for Medicare Plans F and G after the City dropped these plans last year.

We’re searching for a Broker that can deliver the best deals for Medicare and Medical Insurance, as well as a Broker who would file claims and handle Medicare appeals for our members.

So far, a questionnaire has been sent to eleven Brokers across the nation to determine their level of expertise and the level of commitment they can give to our members.

The goal is to find something affordable and convenient for our members.

I believe that everyone in the picture is retired now, and a number are no longer with us.  It is a group photo of the Robbery Division day shift from the late 1980’s.  It was Det./Sgt. Dave Straughn’s [2nd from left, 2nd row] idea.

During the usual morning office conversations Dave was going on about how all of the detectives seemed to always wear blue blazers, gray slacks, and red ties.  With the help of Bubba Armbruster and Robert Wilkerson a plan was concocted.  He typed up a generic unsigned notice and posted it on the office bulletin board stating there would be a uniform day with blue blazers, gray slacks, and red ties.

Surprisingly, on the day stated almost everyone showed up “in uniform”.  Lt. Allen “Thunder” Tharling thought that this was too good of an opportunity to pass up, so he ran up to ID and got Tom Bradshaw to photograph the whole Day Shift on the front steps of 61 Riesner Street.

Dave reminded me that in front of the station there was a news film crew shooting an update on The Gentleman Bandit, a bank robber that always wore a three-piece suit.  They turned their camera and mics on us.  That night there was a news segment on how the whole Robbery Division had “suited up” to go after this “Gentleman Bandit”.

Timing is everything.  Stay safe.