Make sure you are utilizing all your benefits with the HPOU

Happy New Year!

Thank you for being an invaluable member of the Houston Police Officers’ Union! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and make you aware of a valuable benefit package available to you as a member of HPOU. I’m Yvonna Lex, Account Representative for First Responders Benefit Trust, the supplemental benefits sector of HPOU. The HPOU Board chose our supplemental benefit plans to help put money back in your pocket to help you cover unexpected expenses related to medical treatment – such as urgent care visits, surgeries, or hospitalization. These plans complement the medical supplement and disability coverage you already have through HPOU.

The number one plan our officers choose is our Accident Champion policy (Combined Accident Brochure). This plan covers you 24/7 for any injuries you may sustain, whether it’s on duty, off duty, or while working an EJ.

If you are injured, we pay YOU:

  • From the moment the injury happens (ambulance, ER, urgent care, doctor visit);
  • Through diagnosis and treatment (x-rays, advanced diagnostics, crutches, surgery);
  • All the way through recovery (post hospitalization benefit, physical therapy, etc.)…

…and the benefits don’t stop there. The most important benefit of this plan is the disability coverage: It’s designed to pay up to 12 months of disability income if you are injured and unable to work. If you are injured on duty, you’ll still receive your salary per the terms of your contract, and Workers Comp is there to pay your medical expenses; however, the Accident Champion pays benefits in addition to that income. If you’re injured while off duty and require ongoing medical care, the bills can start to pile up, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed. The Accident Champion is truly a life-saver in this instance, as your benefits will continue to pay you for up to 12 months following your injury!

The Accident Champion also provides an accidental death benefit. It’s something we never want to consider, but it’s sadly something that we encounter far too often. When this situation arises, rest assured that we respond quickly. We don’t wait for a claim to be filed or even for a death certificate to be issued. I make a phone call, and a check is issued to your designated beneficiary that day. Either I or one of the HPOU Board Members will personally deliver the benefit payment to a family.

HPOU’s Board of Directors chose these plans to help protect the membership because the value is simply unbeatable. The coverage we offer is very affordable. Platinum level coverage of the Accident Champion is under $1/day. Spouse and children may be added to your plan, as well. The monthly premiums are listed at the bottom right box on Page 3 of the attached brochure. Your premium is automatically deducted from your paycheck (Payroll Deduction Form with Enrollment), so you never have to worry about a payment.

Acceptance into this plan is guaranteed – and once it’s in force, the plan belongs to YOU, which means you can take it with you (with no increase in premium) should you decide to change jobs or retire. There’s no waiting period for coverage to start: once I have your signed forms, your coverage is in force. This particular benefit came in really handy for HPD Officer John Daily, who states:

“On Christmas Eve, 2018, my partner and I were involved in a severe car crash. After being struck by a drunk driver, our patrol car rolled several times and caught fire. I was trapped inside the vehicle. I sustained burns to 52% of my body, suffered a fractured hip, a severely damaged ankle, and injuries that required reconstructive surgery on my fingers. The severity of my injuries forced doctors to put me in a medically induced coma for 3 months. As fate would have it, I had signed up for FRBT’s Accident Champion policy just 3 days before the accident. FRBT absolutely took care of me. I wasn’t even awake to request their assistance; I later learned that agents reached out to my father and visited the hospital the next day to start my claim. Within a few days of being provided with my medical records, FRBT delivered a check for more than $55,000 to my family. I was out of work for more than a year, and Ms. Lex kept in contact with my family and me to ensure I received all the funds that I was eligible for. In total, FRBT paid me almost $80,000 on a policy that I hadn’t paid a dime for when I was injured. There is no doubt that the money I was paid assisted in my recovery because I could focus on getting better instead of worrying about how I was going to pay my bills. This coverage is not just smart, it’s essential for all members of law enforcement.”

We also offer plans that pay benefits in case of hospitalization, critical illnesses such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, and a truly unique life policy; please let me know if you’d like additional information on those!

The attached enrollment and payroll deduction forms should take you no more than 3 minutes to complete. Once done, you may scan and return them to me at the email address listed below, fax directly to my email at 281.869.2936, or you may drop off your forms on the first floor of the HPOU. If you have questions, please reach out to me at 832.421.0852 and I will be happy to assist!


Warm regards and best wishes for a safe and prosperous 2022,


​Yvonna R. Lex

First Responders Benefit Trust

P: 832.320.2511 M: 832.421.0852