McCain named Patrol Officer of Month for life saving action

Sgt. Bradshaw of Kingwood presents the honor to Officer McCain

The Houston Police Officers Union presented Patrol Officer of the Month honors to Officer Christopher McCain in the September general membership meeting.

McCain works Kingwood Patrol. On July 5, Kingwood Patrol Officers McCain and Samuel Cleveland were dispatched to a disturbance located at 200 Northpines Dr. The location was an apartment complex, where the officers found the complainant at the base of Building No. 900.

The complainant, a woman visiting family members residing at the complex, informed the officers that she was involved in a verbal altercation over a parking spot with the suspect, a tenant, who had spat in her face and then returned to his apartment.

Officers McCain and Cleveland located the suspect at his residence on the third floor. Cleveland identified himself and began conversing with the suspect, who remained in his apartment and spoke to the officer through his partially opened front door.

McCain remained to the right of the door, just out of sight of the suspect. When Cleveland requested the suspect’s identification, he was met with argumentative resistance, causing Cleveland to motion to McCain. The suspect backed away from the front door and produced a weapon and a struggle between the suspect and Officer Cleveland immediately ensued inside the apartment.

McCain rushed in behind Cleveland and observed the suspect with a pistol in his right hand just as he shot Cleveland three times.

The suspect then pointed the pistol at Officer McCain, who immediately grabbed the suspect’s right arm and directed him to the floor, where they both struggled for possession of the gun. McCain dislodged the weapon from the suspect’s hand and placed him into custody.

Cleveland, who collapsed on the floor from his injuries, had the presence of mind during this time to inform the dispatcher of his injuries and request emergency aid.

McCain, while still maintaining control of the suspect, began emergency first aid by retrieving a tourniquet from Cleveland’s duty belt and applying it to his left arm, which was bleeding profusely. He then used a pocketknife to cut and remove Cleveland’s body armor in search of more injuries, eventually finding another wound on his abdomen to which he began applying pressure.

All the while, McCain maintained calm and assuring communication with Cleveland until Houston Fire Department personnel arrived. Cleveland was transported to the nearest hospital where he was stabilized and underwent emergency surgery. The treating physician acknowledged that the tourniquet applied to Cleveland did in fact save his life.

Officer McCain exhibited extraordinary valor by confronting and disarming an armed suspect and providing emergency first aid that saved the life of Officer Cleveland.

He went above and beyond the call of duty in performing this act of conspicuous gallantry during this critical incident. Officer McCain’s outstanding service is a testament to his dedication as a Houston police officer and is an asset to the community he serves.