Mirella Alanis named Investigator of the Month

Det. Mirella Alanis of Hit & Run was assigned a delayed FSRA fatality on June 3. Alanis began her investigation by calling the original witness and got no answer. She then went to the location of the incident, talked to witnesses, and determined the suspect was actually the complainant.

One witness said that the deceased was trying to get through the window to confront the suspect. This witness gave the name to a person who was in the car with the suspect.

Alanis was able to track down this witness who in turn told her that the suspect was being assaulted and punched by the complainant. These two individuals knew each other. The suspect then poured gasoline onto her and into the car and was trying to use a lighter to ignite it.

The suspect then fled the scene with the complainant hanging onto the window still attempting to attack the suspect. The complainant eventually fell to the street, hitting his head.

Det. Alanis tirelessly looking for and finding this witness was able to prove that the case was not an FSRA, and that the suspect was actually the complainant in the case and vice versa.

She was then able to find the original suspect, who was corroborate the other witness.

Through her tireless efforts, Alanis was able to find that a person accused of a possible FSRA manslaughter was not only innocent of this charge, but was the actual victim, and that the true suspect, died from his own actions.

The detective’s searches from the video she found led her to possible witnesses. Following every lead that she could, she was able to track down these witnesses and prove that an innocent person was not guilty of possible manslaughter.