More intrigue, requests concerning HPD female pioneer Eva Jane Bacher

Larry Watts, HPD Retired, author of The Park Place Rangers and other books, was interested in the Eva Bacher history so I sent him what I had.

He found an article by Denver Post Newspaper Enterprise Association correspondent Jack Carberry, [1891 – 1972] dated Sept. 20, unknown year, about Eva Bacher’s crusade against the jazz dance craze of the 1920’s here in Houston.

We have her daily report for Sept. 20, 1917, and she was working the downtown dance halls pretty heavily by then.  But she’d only been working about a month, I think, so it probably had to be later than that.

Fred Berner, HPD Robbery Detective Sergeant (Retired) is looking for another picture of her. Fred’s grandfather, Emil “Mickey” Berner, was her partner and Fred remembers meeting her when he was a kid.  Hopefully we’ll have that before long and I can finish up the last part of her story.

Malfunctions, Solutions

The “major malfunction” with the City and Medicare open enrollment last year created a lot of crises with our members, resulting in the formation of a committee to do something about it.  It took some time, but we finally were able to find a company to help our members.

Eleven dedicated Medicare Supplement Providers were contacted and vetted for the Association and questionnaires were sent to them. Their responses were evaluated by the committee members individually and their recommendations were presented.

They recommended and the Board voted to approve Boomer Benefits as the Medicare Supplement Broker for the HPROA.

Members can call Boomer Benefits and talk to a live person.  Customer Service will handle denied claims.  They will research Medicare plans each year for the best price and benefits.

Their website has 5 out of 5 stars and over 6,000 positive reviews.  An educational video will be placed on our website with information regarding when and how to apply for Medicare and address the most-asked questions.

There is no contract, and this service will be closely monitored for member service and satisfaction.

This plan is for HPROA members only.  There are no fees and the HPROA makes no money.  It’s strictly a service for our members.

If you’re not a member and are eligible for at least an Associate Membership, it’d be worth the membership fee just to get help on this.