New Year doesn’t have the start we wanted – the manpower shortage And discipline policies that directly relate to the morale of all of us

Members, I know that we have all had a long couple of weeks.  With Redbook closures, COVID, mandatory overtime, it is obviously not the start we wanted to a new year.

I don’t want to be a downer, but it appears that this may not end anytime soon.

Manpower and discipline are still the largest issues on the minds of our members. We work constantly to try to remedy the issues when they come into the office.  Some we can fix and some we can’t.

Manpower will not be fixed for years, as it is getting harder and harder to find qualified applicants.  We are continually working on the discipline issue and hope we get the department to understand that discipline is directly related to the morale of the department.

Until we fix these issues, we will continue to lose good officers.

Patrol is relying on a large number of younger officers to be the crimefighters.  At every station you can see that the senior officers are getting younger and younger.

I know a lot of older officers will criticize these young officers, talking about this “new generation.” But I am confident that the new generation of officers will continue to be dedicated to the job.

I am proud of every single officer – veteran or rookie – who is out there running and gunning even in this time where we are a single call away from being injured or indicted.  You are all impressive and I am very proud to be your representative as the president of our Union.

With everything going on, we still have officers willing to answer the call when the time comes. The officers involved in the shootout last week were not only brave, but very impressive in the way that took the fight to the suspect.  Even wounded by gunshots all three did everything they could to get back into the fight.

This suspect was very violent and had no problem shooting it out with our officers.  Even when surrounded he wanted a gunfight, and our SWAT guys were well trained and prepared.  They engaged the suspect at his home where he fled. The SWAT team did an unbelievable job “encouraging” him to surrender.

I made the scene where the officers were shot and spoke with each of them at the hospital. They were amazing!  All were in good spirits and joking with me in their rooms. We will continue to monitor their recovery.

Each of these officers as well as those who assisted in getting them to the hospital are real HEROS!

I am honored to represent you all! Stay safe out there!