Northeast Officers Rubio and Villareal Patrol Officers of Month

Sgt. Moreland presents Patrol Officer of the Month honor to Officer Villareal, whose partner, fellow honoree Officer Rubio was not present.

HPOU has selected Northeast Patrol Officers Rubio and Villareal as the Patrol Officers of the Month for September.

The officers will receive the honor privately since the Union has put off having general membership meetings until the pandemic comes to an end.

On April 7 Rubio and Villareal had just left a call when they were traveling south on Mesa Drive. They suddenly heard gunshots.

They looked around and saw a male shooting at another male at a convenience store located at 8700 Mesa. Officer Villarreal quickly directed her partner to turn their shop around and head back north on Mesa to the location. They immediately advised dispatch and asked for units to check by.

Without an ounce of hesitation, they exited their patrol vehicle and began to give commands to the armed suspect. Both officers worked together to detain two possible suspects and then commenced to attend to the complainant, who had been shot multiple times.

Responding officers Campbell and Adovasio began to administer medical attention to the complainant. Due to these officers’ alertness and dedication to their duties, they were able to apprehend a deadly and violent suspect. Most importantly the two officers’ quick actions ultimately led to the complainant’s life being saved.