Not to worry: HPD model cars sold out quickly but are on re-order!

Assist the Officer – Houston’s replica HPD cars keep selling out!

These desktop models, which come in large and small sizes, have become like the earliest models of the Chevrolet Corvette and the Ford Mustang – you just can’t keep enough of them in stock.

“We had 100 of each size,” ATO’s Lisa Marino reported, “and had a limit of two per person due to demand. They were only available for online purchase, so everyone had an opportunity to buy.”

All profits benefit Assist the Officer – Houston.

As expected, the large models sold out within an hour and a half. The small cars lasted two hours.

“They look great at a great price,” Marino said, pointing out the prices at $45 for the large model and $25 for the smaller car.

Another 100 of each should be available hopefully in late August, she said.

And there is other exciting news: there’s a possibility of another HPD model car, the light blue Crown Victoria shop from decades ago.

The craftsmanship and detail of the current models make the date of availability hard to forecast. Marino wanted to remind officers to make sure their email addresses are up to date to receive the eblast that will officially announce the arrival of the next shipment of these tiny vehicles.