Officer Anderson dispatched to an assault

HPOU’s Lam with Officer Anderson

On March 22, 2023, Officer Anderson was dispatched to an assault in progress and knocked at the door several times but got no answer. About 15 minutes later, Officer Anderson received another assault in progress at that same location but this time he heard a scream for help coming from inside. Officer Anderson could hear a struggle between the complainant and the suspect and from the call slip Officer Anderson was aware that there was a juvenile inside witnessing the assault.

Due to exigent circumstances to save a life, Officer Anderson performed several kicks to the front door. When the door swung open, Officer Anderson observed the suspect dragging the complainant by her hair into the backroom. Officer Anderson immediately detained the suspect with incident. The complainant told Officer Anderson the first time he knocked, the suspect put his hand over her mouth and started choking her. The complainant also told Officer Anderson that the suspect repeatedly punched her in the face. When Officer Anderson showed up the second time, she ran towards the door but tripped and her 11-year-old daughter watched the suspect drag her away.  Officer Anderson got charges accepted on the suspect for Impeding Breath. Because of Officer Anderson’s swift action and determination, the union awards him Patrol Officer of the Month.