Officer Cimeni’s determination and professionalism results in charges against a suspect involved in a major shootout case

HPOU’s Ryan Mooreland with Officer Junilray Cimeni

The HPOU presented Investigator of the Month honors to Officer Junilray Cimeni of the Major Assaults Unit Squad 5 in the Union’s May general membership meeting.

Cimeni is known for constantly volunteering to work cases and assignments above and beyond the average case load.

In this one particular incident, Officer Cimeni displayed his dedication and great work ethic by volunteering to complete a vehicle search warrant for this incident prior to it being assigned to him. Patrol units found a vehicle left in a parking lot shot multiple times. It contained shell casings and marijuana were seen in the vehicle.

While no individual claimed to have been shot or claimed any relation to the abandoned vehicle, Cimeni volunteered to complete the vehicle search warrant in an attempt to solve what appeared to be an unsolvable case.

A few days later, a video was posted on social media websites capturing what appeared to be an all-out gun battle between two vehicles on North Gessner near State Highway 249. This incident quickly became a high-profile event, and thanks to Investigator Cimeni already having volunteered to work on the abandoned vehicle, it was determined the vehicle was the same one from the video circulating on social media.

Again, working with no active complainant, Officer Cimeni dedicated himself to this case and actively canvassed multiple stores, businesses and restaurants in the area. Obtaining a grand jury subpoena, he was able to recover additional video of the shooting incident. He also gathered latent prints and DNA samples from the vehicle and a positive NIBIN hit from the shell casings.

Using this information, he was able to complete a follow-up investigation at the scene of the incident’s initiation at an apartment complex. Working with the apartment manager he developed a possible suspect and completed a photo array to display to a witness.

He was able to get a positive identification of one of the shooters involved and a positive fingerprint matching to the vehicle. He contacted the DA’’s office and charges were accepted. They included a Deadly Conduct charge on the suspect, but Investigator Cimeni plans on interrogating the suspect in an attempt to identify the others involved in the shootout.