Officer Jeremy Medina tracks down killer, earns Investigator of Year honor for 2020

Officer Jeremy Medina earns Investigator of Year honor for 2020

HPOU and Assist the Officer named Officer Jeremy Medina as the 2020 Investigator of the Year for his successful efforts to arrest the killer of a rival high school gang member in November 2019.

Medina went all the extra miles, working with several HPD divisions to not only arrest the killer but use ballistics technology linking the weapon in question to four other murders, three other aggravated assaults and three other aggravated robberies to the suspect and his cohorts.

Usually “Top Cops” like Medina are officially recognized at the ATO’s annual gala. The COVID-19 pandemic postponed last year’s gala. Thus, ATO will not recognize Medina until the 2022 event early next year.

The Badge & Gun, however, is taking the opportunity to detail Medina’s excellent work.

Medina is a valuable member of the FBI Safe Streets Task Force, which has investigated violent gang crimes since April 2017. In that two-year period, Officer Medina has made a significant impact in reducing the gang crimes in southeast Houston.

Coincidently, Medina is the husband of the previous month’s Investigator of the Month winner, Officer Laura Medina. HPOU believes in keeping recognition of high achievement in the same HPD family.

Here is the story of the male member of the Medina policing family, the details of which led to his Investigator of the Year recognition for 2020.

In early November 2019, a high school student was gunned down and murdered in broad daylight. The event received extensive public attention and placed the community in a heightened state of anxiety.  The community and its leaders demanded answers.

Due to the high-profile nature of this particular incident, Officer Medina independently started asking his informants to see if he could gain any intelligence about the shooting.

Fortunately, one of his reliable informants confided in him, and advised him of the suspect’s identity.  The informant provided Medina with a means to get in contact with the suspect. Additionally, the informant stated that the suspect stated that he was going to kill another rival gang member in the very near future.

Officer Medina immediately contacted the Criminal Intelligence Division (CID) and completed the necessary paperwork to locate the suspect using advanced, sophisticated technological means.

As a result, the suspect was in Southwest Houston. Officer Medina and other officers set up stationary and rolling surveillance.

Once the suspect and his counterpart were spotted, the decision was made to arrest the suspects by conducting a traffic stop. During these intense moments of contemplating how to pull off such an arrest, the informant advised Medina that another individual, also wanted for several outstanding felony warrants, was also present in the area.

All suspects departed the immediate area in different directions.  Through a coordinated effort, a total of three suspects were simultaneously taken into custody without incident.  At one scene, a traffic stop was conducted, two individuals were arrested, both were found to possess handguns.

The guns were tested, the results submitted to the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN).  The results showed that one of the recovered handguns matched the gun used in the controversial November murder and was also linked to the ballistics in four other murders, three other aggravated assaults and three other aggravated robberies.

It should also be noted that none of this would have been possible without the assistance from the South-Central CST, Southeast CST, Gang Division, Criminal Intelligence Division, and the Major Offenders Division.

“For this reason,” HPOU’s Luis Menendez-Sierra pointed out, “Officer Medina should be recognized for his great investigative skills and proactive thinking in possibly preventing another murder on the streets of Houston and assisting in solving a highly publicized homicide.”

Lt. Menendez—Sierra’s comments came at the presentation of the monthly HPOU honor presentation. Medina was then chosen by ATO officials as the Heroes’ Gala investigative category in 2020.