Officer Nelson’s work uncovers 45 stolen vehicles among other stash

HPOU’s Griffith with Officer Nelson

Officer Code Nelson was dispatched to a recovery of a stolen vehicle where a complainant had located his own vehicle. Nelson arrived and conducted his preliminary investigation, which was outside a warehouse-type facility with numerous vehicles parked in and around it.

Not finding anyone at the business, the officer’s suspicions were aroused. He took the initiative to investigate further, checking the license plates and VINs of several more vehicles, each of which came back stolen.

Officer Nelson ended up involving the Auto Theft and Narcotics Divisions in the investigation, leading to the immediate recovery of 45 stolen vehicles with a total value of $957,000, two stolen trailers, 50 stolen airbags, 2.35 pounds of marijuana and 846.7 grams of methamphetamine.

Due to his attentiveness and diligence, Officer Nelson helped to detect and disrupt a major organized criminal operation.