Officer Pabon, of the South-Central Division volunteered for a Code “2”

HPOU’s Seagler with Officer Pabon

Recently, Officer Pabon, of the South-Central Division volunteered for a Code “2” “Welfare Check/Threat of Suicide/CIT” call in his beat.

Upon arriving on scene, Officer Pabon met with the reportee and learned that he had recently broken up with his girlfriend and she had become very distraught after discovering his cheating and the impending matter of having to move out.

Officer Pabon attempted to check on the girlfriend but found that she had locked everyone out of the apartment and was refusing to answer or open the door. Pabon quickly located the maintenance guy for the complex and they were able to drill the lock out and gain entry. Pabon began searching for the girlfriend and finally located her in a bedroom. He assessed her and realized she was unconscious and had only a faint perception of breath. While attempting to render aid, he noticed that she had used an extension cord and tied it around her neck. He was able to cut the ligature away from her and continue CPR.

Her vital signs soon returned, and she was shockingly able to regain consciousness. Pabon continued to aid her and convinced her she needed psychiatric help. Officer Pabon transported her for further medical evaluation and completed an EDO so she could get the help she needed during her crisis. If it weren’t for Officer Pabon’s fast actions and initiative to help, the consumer would have undoubtedly lost her life needlessly.



Author Editorial Staff

Published May 8, 2023