Officer Pavlov’s life tragically ends in domestic accident

Officer Oleg Pavlov was a beloved husband & father that will never be forgotten.

A young Houston police officer trying to improve his family’s quality of life instead met with a tragic death at the family’s home in The Woodlands on Nov. 18, right before Thanksgiving.  Officer Oleg Pavlov migrated from the Ukraine with his wife and family but got to the HPD as fast as he could. He had been on the force for two years, serving in North Patrol.

Pavlov was installing insulation in the attic of the two-story home when he took a bad step and went through the ceiling, falling to his death. He was 37 years old.

He left a wife and three daughters.

Assist the Officer immediately sought a date for a fundraiser at Union headquarters. The soonest possibility was Friday, April 8.

Sgt. Jennifer McQueston of North Patrol is urging all her fellow HPD officers to put that date on their calendar. It will be held starting at 11 a.m. in the Breck Porter Building, where barbecue will be served at $15 per ticket.

McQueston said she and other North Patrol officers will be at the Houston Police Credit Union, across State Street from the HPOU, on two paydays, March 11 and 25, selling the $15 barbecue tickets.

In addition, the fundraiser will include sports memorabilia auctioned by Alan Helfman of Ricer Oaks Chrysler Jeep, along with other donated items included a Red Dot sighting device, guns, knives and gift baskets.

“We are having this benefit so that Officer Pavlov’s family can stay in America,” Sgt. McQueston explained. She said Pavlov’s wife, Alyona Pavlova, is a nursing student working at Memorial Hermann on the verge of earning her degree. Her children include a 12-year-old daughter, who is Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo scholarship winner and artist.

McQueston said that the daughter is in the process of creating a drawing of retired HPD K9 Officer Winston. “This will be auctioned at the fundraiser and is expected to draw quite a bit of attention from those bidders in attendance,” the sergeant said.

She also pointed out that the HPOU stepped up the day after that accident to replace the damaged sheetrock and carpeting at the Pavlov home.

If you would like to donate to the Pavlov family, please visit