Officer Rodriguez interviewed the parents and got a confession

HPOU’s Lam with Officer Rodriguez

Published March 6, 2023

Author Editorial Staff

On January 22, 2023, Senior Police Officer Rodriguez of the Crimes Against Children Unit was called out to the Texas Children’s Hospital for allegations of an injury to a child. A 5-month-old baby was taken to the hospital by child’s parents and doctors found the baby to have broken ribs, a bruised neck and exhibited signed of being shaken rigorously. Officer Rodriguez learned the incident occurred in Beaumont, Jefferson County but the baby was brought to the hospital because they were not eating well, and the baby was lethargic. Doctors determined the baby had cracked ribs and bleeding to the brain. Officer Rodriguez interviewed the parents and got a confession from the father who said he was angry, tired, unappreciated, and upset with the child’s mother.

Officer Rodriguez contacted Beaumont P.D. and provided them with all the details of the investigation. Officer Rodriguez worked closely with Beaumont P.D. and because of this they were able to obtain a pocket warrant for the suspect’s arrest in Jefferson County. Officer Rodriguez facilitated the suspect’s transport to Baytown where he was released to Beaumont P.D. and charged with Injury to a Child. For this, the union awards Rodriguez investigator of the month.