Officer Tapia & Det. Hicks are honored has Investigator of the Month

HPOU’s Lam with Tapia & Hicks

On September 25, 2022, Southwest Patrol officers responded to a shooting that just occurred at Clutch City Cluckers Food Truck where a man was shot multiple times in the abdomen and back. Responding officers were able to review video evidence and learned there was a female witness with the suspected male shooter.

When Officer Tapia and Det. Hicks were assigned the case; they were contacted by the female who witnessed the shooting.  She was able to provide details about the suspect including his vehicle type and a possible name. Officer Tapia and Det. Hicks went to talk to the complainant, but he succumbed to his injuries.

Officer Tapia and Det. Hicks quickly went to work on getting evidence collected and the suspect positively identified. Officer Tapia found the suspect’s name, home address and vehicle from the name provided by the witness. Officer Tapia and Det. Hicks used a photo lineup to get the suspect positively identified as the person who shot the complainant. Officer Tapia and Det. Hicks filed a Murder charge on the suspect and worked with the Southwest Crime Suppression team to have him apprehended. During the suspect’s arrest, a gun was found and even the clothes that he was wearing the day of the shooting.

Due to the investigation done by Det. Hicks and Officer Tapia a dangerous criminal, with no regard for human life, was removed from the streets and for that the union awards them Investigators of the Month.