Officer Vollert recognized for bringing sexual abusers to justice

HPOU’s Ryan Moreland presents Officer Mark Vollert with Investigator honor.

The Houston Police Officers Union is honoring Officer Mark Vollert as Investigator of the Month for his success in bringing to justice a child sex abuser and the mother of the two young victims.

Two child complainants, ages 6 and 10, made an outcry of being sexually abused by their mother’s boyfriend. Officer Vollert was assigned to work the case approximately one year after the allegations were made.

By that time both complainants had recanted their sexual assault allegations and CPS had closed the case. But Vollert was able to get a confession from the suspect. He then uncovered information proving that the mother of the complainants was complicit in giving the suspect access to her daughters and that she may have coerced the complainants into recanting the abuse allegations.

Officer Vollert went above and beyond and succeeded in getting a total of three felony charges for sexual abuse on the suspect, and additional two felony charges on the mother for allowing the boyfriend back into the house and not disclosing further sexual abuse.

Special Victims Division received a letter from the complainant’s therapist praising Officer Vollert for his outstanding work on this case. Vollert put in a great amount of effort and pursued justice when most officers would have settled with much less.

Officer Vollert deserves recognition for standing up for those who were abused and then betrayed by their own mother.