Officer Zink recognized for his field training prowess, dedication

HPOU’s Ryan Moreland presents Patrol Officer of the Month honor to Officer Kyle Zink.

The HPOU is recognizing its patrol officer and investigator of the month despite the coronavirus policy in place that prevents the Union from having a monthly general membership meeting.


For the month of August, HPOU is recognizing Officer Kyle Zink as Patrol Officer of the Month. Under the circumstances Officer Zink will receive the gift certificate and formal recognition under masked circumstances.


Officer Kyle Zink of Southeast Patrol works as a field training officer. According to the nomination form, “Officer Zink has shown exceptional work ethic, knowledge of policy and a strong will to train probationary officers.”


Officer Zink continuously comes in early to go over policies and procedures with probationary officers to equip them with the knowledge they need to effectively service the community.


During each weekly meeting where police scenarios are given, Zink goes out of his way to critique the probationary officers on scene management and other investigative techniques that can be used to solve crimes.


Rather than take a break from training when he is not assigned an officer, Officer Zink often volunteers to ride with floating probationary officers in order to prepare them on what is to be expected when they are formally training and or evaluating.


Moreover, Officer Zink proactively identifies probationary officers’ weakness on the program and conducts problem-solving strategies to enhance the skills of the probationary officer to address certain weaknesses that the officer may possess.


Officer Zink talks to the probationary officers about community policing and what it means to partner with the community. His overall leadership is exemplary to the trajectory of our department and is commensurate to the department’s objective to work effectively with the community to reduce the fear of crime while enforcing laws and building relationships.