Officers Valero and Vasconi honored for rescuing kidnapped teen

HPOU’s Seagler with Officers Valero & Vasconi

On Aug. 21, North Belt Officers Daniel Valero and Michael Vasconi were dispatched to a missing persons call involving a juvenile female.

They immediately began not only their own search but helped coordinate a comprehensive hunt involving FOX and the Missing Persons Unit.

Their scene investigation and canvas of the area revealed that the young female had possibly been observed with an adult male at a nearby location. With limited information but with a lot of determination, they were able to locate the apartment number and address of the possible suspect.

They then did a knock and talk at the suspect’s apartment and were able to obtain useful leads from the suspect’s wife, who revealed that she had heard a young female in the background of a phone call she had earlier with her husband, the suspect.

Officers Vasconi and Valero began focusing on reviewing surveillance videos they had discovered through the use of ALPR data, which led them to a hotel off Rankin Road where the juvenile was being held against her will.

The young female was rescued and returned to her parents and the suspect was charged Aggravated Kidnapping.

Because of their outstanding work and tenacity, this girl was freed form a terrible situation and for that they are awarded with August’s officer of the month.