Officers Whittemore & Wright Responded to a Welfare Check

HPOU’s Lam with Wright & Whittemore

On Dec 4, 2023, Officer Whittemore and Wright responded to a welfare check/CIT at a residence that showed some severe signs of disturbing and extremely unhealthy living conditions. There was a suicide note that had been left outside the residence, but a check of the residence showed that the consumer was not at the location. Officers were able to track down a number for the consumer.  When they spoke with the consumer over the phone, they found that she said she was not doing well, and she had left the location because she did not want CPS to take her children. The officers were able to have the consumer agree to meet with them. However, after a lengthy time, the consumer did not show. Officers left notes for her and were starting on the report when they received a second call from the consumer who provided an address for where she was. Officers Whittemore and Wright spoke to the consumer with empathy and compassion, finding that she was in crisis. They took extra steps to make sure she felt comfortable with the police and the EDO process, ensuring that her children and pets were taken care.

These two officers recognized the risk factors for a consumer in crisis, conducted a thorough investigation and made sure that the best outcome was reached. They were able to keep this consumer from completing suicide on this day and receive mental health treatment, for this the union awards them patrol officers of the month.




Published January 8, 2024

Author Editorial Staff