Our woke is broke

I have been blessed to be in this department as long as I have been.  Over the years we have had events and situations that cause the department to react thus leading to new general orders, and new in-service classes. Over the last few years there has been a constant attack on law enforcement for more “transparency” within the eyes of the public.  Sadly, the public does not truly want transparency as policing is ugly and they can no longer stomach what we have to do to keep the citizens of this city safe.

The reality is that there is no way to fight a criminal and it look good. When in the middle of a true fight, you do whatever it takes to win that fight.  No officer goes into the public just beating on people or looking for anyone to shoot, but if you watch the media, it appears that is just what we do.  Recently an officer was indicted in San Antonio for shooting a “kid who was just eating a hamburger”.  Not that I agree with the shooting, but the reality is that the young man put his car in reverse and hit a police car then fled.  This is much more than just eating a hamburger in my opinion.

The new buzz around policing is de-escalation.  Real officers have been de-escalating scenes for years without any training at all.  Many times, the old verbal judo, or true command presence would be enough to stop the activity.  This would sometimes involve unpleasing language, and when needed, the use of physical force was required. This is no longer the case in new day policing.  Now we have to be therapist and ask what the offenders “needs and wants” are.  I miss the days when the need was to protect the victims and the want was for the offender to go to jail. It is all about optics in today’s policing.

Sadly, it appears that the department has given up and slipped into this woke agenda.  In-service classes should be teaching about law updates, safety updates, best practices in arrest procedures, and ways to stay alive.  I am even good with de-escalation training, but let’s make it practical to the real world in which we live. The department believes that it is more important to deal with perceived bias, mental illness, speeding, or being first, as opposed to relevant training for its officers. We have one class on active shooters that is very relevant to the line officers.  All of the woke approaches to policing is making a department of broke police officers.  No one wants to go out and be the poster child for the next “bad” shooting, real or perceived.