Pavlov fundraiser a success that featured high bids for daughter’s artwork

Sgt. Zachau & the Pavlov Family

The Badge & Gun is proud to report that the Oleg Pavlov family fundraiser held at the HPOU on April 8 raised more than $49,000 to help the family of an HPD officer who died during the last Thanksgiving season from a fall at his home.

The highlight of this exciting event was the auction of a pencil drawing by Pavlov’s eldest daughter, Tamila. The colorful drawing of Winston, a retired HPD K-9, was sold to Sgt. Ben LeBlanc.

“The $49,000 was absolutely amazing,” Lt. Susana Salazar of DRT North Division said. “These guys were battling out for these portraits Tamila Pavlov did.”

By all accounts, Tamila is a highly talented middle school art student. To better make this case, her Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo entry featuring the depiction of a pig and a chicken brought a $1,200 price tag. Prints of this work brought $250 apiece, Lt. Salazar proudly reported.

“To me, this was the highlight of the day,” Salazar said. “She is so talented she could make millions of dollars. She made these with pencils, not with paint, just colored pencils.”

The prized item depicted the now-retired K9 Winston, whose partner was Sgt. Tyler Zachau.

The funds will help Pavlov’s wife Aly and the couple’s three daughters literally make ends meet for “the day-to-day stuff,” the mortgage, the car note and the upkeep of the house. Aly Pavlova just recently passed the exam qualifying her to become a nurse. Salazar said she would soon be “shadowing a cardiologist” in preparation for her first job.

As usual, the Assist the Officer fundraiser featured dedicated auctioneer Alan Helfman of River Oaks Chrysler Jeep, a gentleman who not only acts as the auctioneer but donates many of the auctioned-off items, especially sports memorabilia.

Chief Tien & Cowboys for Heroes

To boot, Cowboys for Heroes served as cooks of the barbecue served to all comers at $15 per plate. These cooks specialize in furnishing their cooking talents for events helping military and law enforcement personnel.

“Alan did an amazing, amazing job,” Salazar exclaimed. “The Cowboys for Heroes donated their time and brought the gear they needed for the cooking. They even donated some of the food.”

“It was successful,” the lieutenant said, “because everybody came together for the Pavlov family.”

Officer Oleg Pavlov migrated from the Ukraine with his wife and family but got to the HPD as fast as he could. He had been on the force for two years, serving in North Patrol.

Pavlov was installing insulation in the attic of the two-story home when he took a bad step and went through the ceiling, falling to his death. He was 37 years old.

Sgt. Zachau, Sgt. LeBlanc, Tamila Pavlova, & SPO Munoz