Randall Johnson named HPOU’s Patrol Officer of the Month

Astuteness on the beat and the most basic policing instincts spelled success for Officer Randal Johnson, HPOU’s October Patrol Officer of the Month.

Johnson’s work corralled the suspect in a knifing incident June 9 at the Sago Palms Apartments. HPD got a report of a cutting that the initial officers on the scene found to have left a complainant with stab wounds to the chest, each facial cheek and the forehead.

Officers gathered the suspect’s description and put out a general broadcast. Several other officers arrived and began looking for the suspect in the proximity of the assault. Several other officers followed the wounded individual to get more details.

Senior Police Officer Randall Johnson began checking the main road around the apartment complex. When he got to a nearby convenience store he saw several males congregating in front of the store. When Johnson provided these men with a description of the suspect, they pointed him in a specified direction.

As Officer Johnson drove south, he noticed a woman with three little girls to be entering a nearby apartment complex with her hazard lights on. His police intuition took over and felt this was odd. So he pulled up next to her and asked what she was doing. The driver said she was there to pick up a female friend.

Not completely satisfied with her story, Johnson parked close by, observed the woman, and obtained her plate number. As he continued observing the woman, he saw a male run from between two buildings and get into the front passenger seat.

The male matched the physical description of the wanted suspect. This individual appeared to be scared, was sweating and had taken off his shirt, showing what appeared to be blood near his waist.

As the vehicle pulled onto the street, the male ducked down in the seat attempting to conceal himself from Johnson’s view. The officer got on the radio to notify the Dispatcher of his location and vehicle description.

Officers H. Montealegre-Cerrato and G. Rangel, were already in the area looking for the suspect and quickly got behind Officer Johnson. They initiated a felony traffic stop in the 13600 block of Northborough.

The female driver quickly pulled over and the suspect was taken into custody without incident. The male later admitted he was the perpetrator.