Ray Hunt: My special kudos to Officer Scott Mills

I have been assigned at the HPOU for many years and had two visitors today who were a first for me.  It was an HFD district chief and engineer.

They both came in to personally thank one of our officers, Scott Mills, for risking his own life to protect firefighters who were recently arriving on a shooting scene in the area of the South Gessner station.

In describing what happened they told me that their truck was arriving with lights and sirens as the suspect positioned himself behind cover, aiming his gun at their truck.

They reported that Officer Mills positioned his vehicle between the firefighters and the suspect, ordered the suspect to drop the weapon, and fired upon him when he refused.  The suspect fell to the ground and no officer or firefighter was injured.

The HFD chief advised me that, “Your guy was a hero and I wanted to personally come by here today to tell you that as I did not hear it from the media.”

So a huge THANK YOU from the Houston Fire Department to Officer Scott Mills for risking his own life to save others.

I know these incidents happen frequently, but I wanted to share this one since two of HFD’s finest took time out of their day to thank one of HPD’s finest.

HFD thanked all the officers on this scene, but wanted to specifically thank Officer Scott Mills.

Stay safe and keep up the great work!