Reeves and Washington presented Patrol Officers of Month Award

The Houston Police Officers Union presented Officers Dustin Reeves and Joshua Washington Patrol Officers of the Month honors on Aug. 5 for their work involving the exploitation of an 11-year-old girl.

The honor was presented to the Clear Lake Patrol officers at the Union’s general membership meeting.

Late the evening of June 8, Officer Washington was dispatched to a code 2 welfare check/urgent call located at 711 FM 1959, the Kensington apartment complex.

Washington had been contacted by a Texas City-based child predator organization called The organization was tracking a live child porn case in an investigation that also included Texas City police detectives.

The case in question entailed a live case of an 11-year-old female child dancing in the nude to more than 10,000 live viewers. The child was using an “ok live app” to expose herself.

The organization was pinging the child’s cell phone number in the Clear Lake area and only had general coordinates of where the child may reside inside of the apartment complex.

Officer Washington knocked on a particular door and learned it was the wrong apartment. The officer then sought the assistance of Officer Reeves, who was working the front desk on this night.

Reeves began to research the child by name on several RMS reports and found a possible address in the southeast area. The officer also found a good phone number and contacted the victim’s mother on a three-way call with Officer Washington.

Officers then advised the organization of their findings, and the mother was contacted by Texas City police detectives who gave her further information on what to do with her daughter’s cell phone. Texas City detectives advised officers that they would be obtaining a warrant to retrieve the child’s phone as evidence.

Due to these officers’ perseverance, they saved a child from further exploitation.

This example highlights the incredible work that officers perform daily, and it is but one of many that undoubtedly go unrecognized.

By their continuous display of professionalism, resourcefulness, and total devotion to duty, the personnel of the Clear Lake Division reflected great credit upon themselves and the Houston Police Department.