Retired HPD officers in full support of HPD Museum rejuvenation effort

Chief of Police Troy Finner has appointed Senior Police Officer Johanna Abad the task of overseeing the revitalization of the HPD Museum.

That’s a really big job.  The chief evidently sees the great benefits our museum has as a Community Relations tool and as an educational and research facility.

The HPROA should do everything we can to support the Houston Police Museum.  It’s been greatly neglected over the last several years.  Currently, there’s a serious effort underway to straighten out the huge jumble of material that’s been left to pile up over the years.

A lot of the donations that have been made in the recent past have just been shoved in boxes and put into storage.

Right now, the only displays are at 1200 Travis and haven’t been updated in years.  But – the bulk of the collection is stored in unmarked boxes on the second deck of the HPD Academy.

So, right now, the main effort is to inventory everything in those boxes and scan all the documents which include a lot of Line of Duty death cases and try to get as much as possible out on display.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, a small group of volunteers meet Officer Abad at the Academy to open boxes, inventory contents and scan documents and case files.

Two recent interesting finds:  The first was as series of photos from a Line Of Duty death in the 1940’s that eventually led to a missing name being added; the second is a photo of the 1930s era police ambulance with a motorcycle escort – maybe transporting a fellow officer?  You can see that photo in the current edition of The Badge and Gun online on the HPOU website.

If you’re the curious type and like digging through old police memorabilia and files, and would like to help with this effort, please contact Officer Abad for all of the details. All help will be greatly appreciated.   I’ll probably be getting involved some, myself.

Houston Police Department Museum

(832) 394-2359

E-mail:  regarding making donations or how the volunteer program works.

Or: for any other inquiries.