Revamped Calf Scramble (without the Rodeo) sees three young men capture HPOU’s ‘scholarly’ calves

The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo was cancelled due to the pandemic, but the Calf Scramble show must go on. And it did out in Katy where three young men successfully scrambled to capture the three HPOU calves up for grabs.

HPOU President Doug Griffith, a long-time Calf Scramble promoter and supporter, was excited about the show that went on despite having no rodeo.

“And we are back, at least to semi-normal for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Calf Scramble,” Griffith said. “This year with the COVID restrictions there was no Rodeo, but the kids needed a way to get their scholarships.

“After a lot of meetings and hard work, the Calf Scramble went on at the Katy Agricultural Center. It took two weekends in which there were 16 scrambles and more than 256 kids who caught calves.”

Each of these scramblers received $250 scholarships.

“With last year’s rodeo being cut short, the HPOU had three scholarships up for grabs this year,” Griffith explained.

The winners emerged during the second day of scrambling competition.

“We had three kids catch the HPOU calves and receive a scholarship,” he said.

Congratulations to:

  • Logan Hale from Chisum FFA
  • Cooper Williams with Dawson FFA
  • Kaiden Coffman from Clear Lake FFA

“Each of these young men worked hard to catch a calf and received the $2250 scholarship to raise their calf,” Griffith said. “We look forward to seeing their project next year at the big show, hopefully at the REAL Houston Rodeo.”