Scholarship recipients

Dear Ms. Williams,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the scholarship committee for selecting me as a recipient of the 2021 Houston Police Officers’ Union Scholarship Award.

As an honored recipient, this award will help reduce the cost of tuition and fees, and allow me to support various academic and volunteer activities available through Texas Tech University and the Lubbock community.

My dedication to working with individuals and groups, adapting to challenging and new situations, and supporting the objectives and goals of the University provides me the opportunity to be a productive and active student within the college community.

I am committed to pursuing my education, achieving a respectable GPA, and graduating with a BBA degree in Marketing.

This scholarship has reassured me that I can continue to pursue a college career with high expectations and established goals.  I am confident that with effort and passion great things can happen.  Again, I thank the scholarship committee for believing in me with this honor.


Lincoln Ferguson