Second phase of HPOU’s stress and wellness program

The second phase of a Union-sponsored stress-removal program is continuing with open enrollment for all members.

Called the PEACE program – which stands for Police Enlightenment and Collective Education, it debuted in July in sessions on the fourth floor of the Union building at 1600 State St. It was initiated by Houston City Councilman Edward Pollard of District J, who advocates programs designed for the mental and physical wellbeing of Houston’s police officers.

“It’s designed to help ease PTSD, home stress and work stress,” HPOU Board Member Terry Seagler, head of the committee responsible for the PEACE program. “It helps regulate your own emotions so you can deal with others experiencing high stress when you have to deal with them in any policing situation.

“The program routine develops mental clarity and patience.”

Seagler said the program also has been found to especially help officers dealing with physical injuries in the line of duty. “Not only do these sessions deal with stress,” he explained, “they also address the issue of physical wellness. This has helped officers with pain management.”

The first session of the second phase took place Sept. 29. Seagler said that each weekly session is set for 4 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. each Wednesday of the month. During the initial phase about 30 officers attended each of the sessions held throughout July and August.

The program is taught by Jazmin Porter, a Houston-based, internationally-recognized yoga instructor.

Seagler said some officers are calling this “the Union’s yoga program.”

“We are trying to eliminate the stigma about yoga,” he said. “We are urging our members not to pre-judge until they have tried the program, which has something for everyone. It is much more beneficial to those of us suffering physical pain. It’s not just for the mental aspect of it.”

For more information or to become a part of the program, contact Seagler at