Second Union-sponsored Spiritual Healing Crusade set for Jan. 13

The Houston Police Officers’ Union is sponsoring a second Spiritual Healing Crusade on Thursday, Jan. 13, 2022, at the Union headquarters.

The purpose of this event is to help law enforcement officers with these challenging and unprecedented times by empowerment and encouragement through the word of God.

“The first Spiritual Healing Crusade held last July was a great success as officers expressed their gratitude and appreciation for this resource and event,” said event coordinator and HPOU board member Rhonda Williams.

Unfortunately, the law enforcement community throughout the nation continues to contend with many issues that pervade society to include police defunding, COVID-19 mandates, increased crime, violence against the police, decreased manpower, low morale and uncertainty.

“In these dark times and downward trend in society, officers should be reminded of a certain hope in God,” Williams said. “We believe this crusade can heal and strengthen heavy hearts by encouragement through the Word of God.”

Williams said the HPOU believes that officers can truly benefit from spiritual healing through the Gospel.  Based on the current climate of society and even with the law enforcement community, “we believe this is an opportune time to provide spiritual intervention to renew and revive law enforcement officers as they continue to serve and protect our community.”

All officers are invited to participate to hear the thoughts and inspirations of 26 community and spiritual leaders from throughout Texas and the United States.

“They will be providing words of encouragement and empowerment from the Word of God,” Williams said.

She said all officers and family of any department from surrounding jurisdictions are invited to attend, regardless of religious affiliation.

The event will be held in-person and via a live steam at the HPOU at 1600 State St.