Sgt. Love IACP 40 under 40 Award Recipient

Houston Police Sergeant Brandon Love has been selected to receive the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) 40 under 40 award at their Conference located in San Diego, California, October 14-17, 2023. IACP is recognizing Sergeant Love because he is a man who embodies the principles of hard work and resilience, refusing to succumb to the challenges that life presents. Sergeant Love grew up in a socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhood where challenges relating to violence and substance abuse were prevalent and significantly influenced his perspective on law enforcement by fueling his determination to enact positive transformation. Witnessing both constructive and adverse instances involving police officers, he was motivated to embark on a career in law enforcement, driven by a desire to bring about meaningful change.

Following a degree in political science from Dillard University, his passion for law enforcement never dimmed. His exceptional academic performance earned him a coveted fellowship at the Institute of International Public Policy, where he was selected as one of only 15 students from across the United States.  Moreover, during a transformative study abroad program in Geneva, Switzerland, Sergeant Love delved into the realms of multilateral diplomacy and international justice with the School for International Training.

Sgt. Love ardently endeavors to bridge the community-police divide as president of the Afro-American Police Officers’ League (APPOL) within the Houston Police Department.  Sgt. Love proudly champions the voice of more than 900 departmental personnel from all backgrounds and is committed to creating a positive and inclusive environment within the department. Sgt. Love would also like to recognize and emphasize the great partnership he has with Doug Griffith, President of the Houston Police Officer’s Union. This cumulative effort between HPOU and APPOL makes for a united platform to represent and help officers within the Houston Police Department. Sgt. Love states: “I now radiate as a beacon of light, ensuring public safety across diverse communities. I am grateful for the privilege to enact positive change”. The Houston Police Officer’s Union would like to congratulate Sgt. Love on this accomplishment and recognize his valiant efforts given to HPD and its officers.

Author Shannon Barker, Editor

Published October 9, 2023