Sergeant Cashes in at Gallery Furniture!

Sgt C. E. Hunt from Northwest saw a commercial for Gallery Furniture where anyone who bought $3000 or more in furniture would get it for free if Kansas won the NCAA basketball championship.

After North Carolina, an eighth seed, beat second seed Duke on Saturday, he and his wife Diane decided this was a good bet since Kansas was a number one seed.  So, on Sunday night they drove to Gallery Furniture, met Mattress Mack at the front door, and spent over $12,000 on new furniture.

Mack immediately delivered the furniture and even moved their old furniture upstairs in their home, just like Mack advertises.  Sgt Hunt nervously waited to see if the biggest bet he ever made in his life was going to pay off.

So, did he get off work Monday and plop his large body in front of his television to watch the game?

Nope.  He headed to his extra job and left the game in the hands of Kansas.

Kansas started off hot and was up by six very quickly.  Then North Carolina relaxed and hit shot after shot.

Near halftime, North Carolina was up by 10 and it was looking like the sergeant would be paying about $850 a month for the next 15 months on the no-interest loan.  He texted his brother: “Down by ten….Kansas sucks.”

By halftime Kansas was down by 15 and he texted, “Glad I’m not watching….may need a new TV.”

The second half started and Kansas got hot.  The Jayhawks quickly closed the gap and tied up the game.  Sgt. Hunt arrived home just in time to see Kansas take the lead and win the game.  He would be sleeping on a free mattress and enjoying free furniture for many years thanks to a smart bet and Gallery Furniture!

Now he just waits for his 48-hour notice for gambling in the State of Texas.