Sgt. Holbrook and Detective Roscoe use witnesses, Few clues to find and arrest motiveless murder suspect

The HPOU presented Investigator of the Month honors to Sgt. Mark Holbrook and Detective Joseph Roscoe in its June general membership meeting.

Here are the highlights of a detailed investigation that brought honor to the department and testified to the two officers’ investigative abilities.

On Thursday, Dec. 3, Sgt. Holbrook and Detective Roscoe were assigned to investigate the stabbing murder of 80-year-old Stanley Iscovitz in the 10600 block of Westbrae Parkway in Southwest Houston.

Iscovitz was an innocent victim who was walking down the sidewalk in broad daylight near his extended care home when a male approached him and fatally stabbed him multiple times for no apparent reason.

Witnesses described no altercation between Iscovitz and the suspect, leaving the detectives with the worst kind of murder to investigate, one with no apparent motive.

Fortunately, multiple witnesses remained at the scene and Sgt. Holbrook and Detective Roscoe quickly went to work with expert skill. They determined that the suspect was seen entering a nearby apartment complex and were able to locate images of the suspect on the property.

Working with apartment staff, the investigators determined that the suspect possibly lived on the property. The detectives surveilled the location, waiting for the suspect’s return. The suspect eventually returned to the scene and Holbrook and Roscoe took him into custody and recovered vital evidence from the suspect’s vehicle, including clothing and the murder weapon.

With the suspect in custody, Sgt. Holbrook and Detective Roscoe continued their efforts with professional skill and were able to get the suspect to confess to his actions, further solidifying the case and charging him with murder.