Sgt. Josue Villa honored as HPOU Officer of the Month

HPOU’s Ryan Moreland with Sgt. Josue Villa

Sgt. Josue Villa has been assigned to the South Gessner Patrol Division for the past eight months developing extensive knowledge of criminal investigations while actively following upon cases from the South Gessner Patrol District.

Villa’s work prompted HPOU to name him as the February Patrol Officer of the Month.

Sgt. Villa’s knowledge of known criminal’s habits and methods of operations within his patrol district was a key in the capture of 83 felony suspects within the South Gessner area and many wanted for violent crimes. Villa has been an asset to the Department by taking the responsibility for training new officers in the South Gessner Hot Spot Unit and providing a guidance with proactive investigations and tactical procedures.

On Aug. 18, South Gessner initiated a Hot Spot Unit to address an increase in violent crimes in certain locations. Sgt. Villa selected four officers to conduct proactive investigations and traffic stops. Within a few hours the unit had arrested four documented gang members for Felony Possession of Controlled Substance and recovered a stolen firearm.

Villa used statistical data from work cards and supervisors’ recommendations to select 10 patrol officers for the Hot Spot Unit. He used officers on down time to conduct proactive investigations in order not to negatively affect the call-for-service loop.

The sergeant also acquired additional training opportunities in the Tactical Village for the Hot Spot officers to increase their safety and tactical awareness when conducting proactive investigations and high-risk traffic stops. He provides instruction and guidance in narcotics investigations to ensure that all policy and procedures are being followed. He also created a team environment that allows for different opportunities for career advancement and individual personal growth.

In six short months, under the guidance of Sgt. Villa, the Hot Spot Unit has recovered 22 firearms, three rifles and a wanted Murder suspect. The unit has also arrested 13 violent documented gang members, many from the Southwest Cholos who have been responsible for the shootings in the area. Unit members have recovered more than 773.5 grams of marijuana and more than 9.99 grams of Crystal Methamphetamine.

Had it not been for the Sgt. Villa and his Hot Spot officers’ proactive and diligent work ethic these suspects may have continued to commit more egregious crimes in the city of Houston.

During his off-duty hours, the ever-diligent Sgt. Villa directed a non-profit that benefits saw the donation of about 800 toys for underprivileged youth at Christmas time.

He also has helped raise more than $150,000 for catastrophically injured officers, officers that have passed away and children’s leukemia.