Sgt. Rhonda Williams’ second play, When Love Hurts

You might say Rhonda Renee Williams “loves” writing plays.

You also know her as Sgt. Williams and HPOU Board Member Williams who “loves” coordinating the Union’s scholarship program and its family night activities.

Following the production of her When Love Finds You – which was a sold-out hit – R. Renee Productions proudly presents her second play, When Love Hurts.

For your entertainment-planning purposes, Williams’ latest play opens Oct. 1 at the DeLuxe Theater, 3303 Lyons Ave.

Let the playwright tell you what her latest masterpiece is all about:

When Love Hurts is a heartfelt story that epitomizes the phrase, ‘love is blind.’ The story will take you on a journey of a teenager’s disillusion and naïve concept of love to God’s ability to heal brokenness, no matter the circumstances.

“Your support allows my vision of inspiring and encouraging those in unhealthy and unfulfilled relationships to seek Rebirth through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, to come to fruition.”

This is the second Williams God-inspired production and obviously won’t be the last since she has a third one planned for release next year.

Her first was When Love Finds You, produced in both 2020 and 2022.

“I pray When Love Hurts measures up to When Love Finds You! which is an all-time love of those that attended in March 2020 and April 2022.”

And here’s a reminder: Go to the R Renee Productions home page, scroll down slightly to the promo video, and use some of reviews from clip about Williams’ last play.

Williams also “loves” to tout her third production, When Love Ameliorates coming next year, not to mention the fact that When Love Finds You will go on tour.

Williams’ production company has cast its usual array of stars to play roles in When Love Hurts.

Williams emphasized the Houston connections of some of her stars.

And that cast includes:

  • Nedra Bell. Born and raised in Houston but known nationally.  Studying the arts since the age of 4 she has worked hard to perfect her crafts. From Griffin Studios to Expressions Dance Company, City Dance Studio, Plant Funk, and her very own Extradancer Studios. Nedra has trained under the best and performed in their companies. Previous performances include President Clinton’s visit to the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Super Bowl XXXVII, and Oprah to name a few. Acting has always come second nature as the stage feels like home. Recent works include, “Lonely but Not Desperate” written by Don Dotson and “When Love Finds You” an R Renee Production.  Nedra has dedicated her talents back to The Creator and believes in ministry through the arts. Her hopes is that others see themselves in her work and as a result grow closer to God.
  • Selina Affram. Has been performing since the age of 4.  She was featured in the movies Ace Ventura II Pet Detective and Children of the Corn.  She has been in multiple plays including Dreamgirls, Little Shop of Horrors, Annie, The Wiz, and other musical performances.  She has traveled nationwide and performed for Presidents, World Ambassadors, the San Antonio Spurs and was a mainstay at the historic Gospel Brunch at Gruene Hall. She has been featured in commercials and campaigns.  She is excited to be on stage in Houston.
  • Curtis Martin. growing up in Atlanta, GA, Curtis always had a love for the arts, and as the years progressed, he found himself both singing and acting in small local productions. Eventually taking a break to focus on his other artistic endeavors, including both photography and music production. Curtis is also a singer-songwriter and was a lead vocalists and co-founder of the Gospel singing group “InceBlind”. He credits this with helping him develop his leadership skills and being able to touch lives in a positive way.