Sgt. Tabor honored as Patrol Officer of the Month for his effective leadership at an ongoing shooting scene

Sgt. Tabor with HPOU’s Griffith

The Houston Police Officers Union honored Sgt. Glen Tabor as its Patrol Officer of the Month for his leadership at a shooting scene in the wee hours of last Dec. 26.

About 2:40 a.m. Officer Jonathan Garza was dispatched to a shot-spotter call in the 3500 block of Corder. Immediately upon arrival Officer Garza came under fire by a suspect walking down the middle of the street.

His vehicle was struck multiple times. Garza quickly reversed his vehicle from the location and took cover behind his shop with other officers while the suspect was still shooting at them from the shadows down the block.

While trying to locate the suspect officers were able to call out on the radio about the situation in a clear and calm manner.

This is when Sgt. Tabor arrived and took up a tactical position with his patrol rifle while the suspect, now unarmed, began walking down the street toward the officers, yelling and antagonizing them and moving in a manner to get them to shoot him while unarmed with an empty holster.

Sgt. Tabor began giving clear and calm verbal commands to the suspect, who did not follow any of the commands and continued to berate and attempt to provoke the officers.

The suspect then quickly drew a secondary, hidden pistol from another holster on his person and all three officers discharged their weapons, striking the suspect. The suspect was pronounced deceased at the scene. No officers were injured.

The sergeant showed immense resolve and coolness under the pressure of the intense situation. Under his leadership, the officers did not back down to a suspect intent on shooting an officer that night.

Sgt. Tabor led from the front and was direct and concise with his commands to the suspect while never losing his control of the intense situation. While no scene can be perfect, this was as close to a textbook example of the type of officer and leadership that is needed for the times that we are working in at this time.