Specially blended Serene7 Coffee decreases stress while increasing benefits for Assist the Officer

As you read this story, please relax. Put the idea of reducing the stress in a police officer’s life into a cup of coffee.

Not just any coffee, mind you. But a new brand designed to, yes, reduce stress.

As an extra added incentive, please note that every time you buy a carton, you will be contributing to the Assist the Officer Foundation.

This means you reduce your own stress and you increase the money in ATO’s pocket that is used to help fellow officers injured in the line of duty or face extremely high-cost medical problems or other costly needs.

Obviously, someone needs to explain the details of what amounts to a distressful fundraising opportunity.

Jim Swieter, Founder of Serene7 and the Serene7 Foundation

The Badge & Gun found that person, a can-do entrepreneur named Jim Swieter, the individual who has called on international experts to roast the coffee beans that reduce stress. It’s an alternative to the caffeine-enriched “highs” many humans need to get started whenever their work shift begins.

Let Swieter explain: “We’re using coffee to remove the stress, to deliver additives in the coffee to de-stress you and make you healthy.”

Before he goes any farther to tell you more about his relaxing cups of coffee, we need to tell you more about him. He’s got “entrepreneur” written all over his resume. He is the founder and CEO of Ijet Charters, Trendright Travel, and GenX Rewards, & GenX Real Estate.

Business leaders have called him “one of the most dynamic entrepreneurs in the Aviation, Travel and Relationship Marketing/Rewards space.” He has spent the past 30 years rubbing elbows with business icons from Wall Street to California as well as numerous international markets.

He formed the Serene7 Foundation about two years ago. He had two primary purposes, the first one being the creation of specialty coffees that you could stir up to combat stress.

As in serenity or “Serene.” He knows that coffee is the most popular drink in the history of mankind, so why not market a product that would work to combat stress seven days a week.

And we now have Serene7.

There are four different coffees with a fifth on Swieter’s summer drawing board, the WLM blend for Weight Loss Management.

But he introduced the first four to the ATO leaders at the Houston Police Officers Union. Each are gourmet roasts loaded with vitamins designed for basic relaxation and more. And they are:

Coffee that features pioneering technology!
  • Lavender. With a touch of vanilla.
  • DeStress. With Suntheanine, the brain supplement vitamin designed to improve memory, focus, mental energy and problem-solving skills.
  • Curcumin. With a taste of cinnamon.
  • MPE. Which stands for Mental Performance Enhancer.

Although obviously catering to the general coffee-drinking markets, Swieter emphasizes his seriousness about getting as many police officers to drink the cups of his coffee for the relief of stress.

“We use the top-of-the-line ingredients and it took us a long time to determine three different roasted beans,” the Serene7 founder explained. “We ended up with additives being a medium roast.”

Instead of getting into the technicalities of roasting, blends and vitamin enhancement, let’s examine the other “key ingredient” of the Swieter business plan. Details of the vitamin supplements used in the Serene7 coffees are available on the company’s website, myserene7.com. You may read all about them before you get to your “Code 4.”

“I’m old school,” Swieter explained. I’ve been pissed off at what’s going on with all the people wanting to take steps to weaken the effectiveness of police departments all over the nation.

“I’ve wanted to find a way to give back to the ATOs, the sheriff’s offices and the first responders everywhere. I don’t think they are appreciated enough in these days and times.”

Swieter’s Code 4 Coffee Program “allows the Serene7 Foundation to contribute financially to a participating department of your choice.”

Because of notice of the program promoted by the HPOU earlier this summer during the coronavirus pandemic polices that have been in effect, Assist the Officer is already benefiting. But those benefits need to increase in much the same way as the benefits being negotiated in the next HPOU contract.

Go to myserene7.com. For every carton of coffee ordered, the Serene7 Foundation will contribute $2 to Assist the Officer. Click on ORDER COFFEE FOR DONATIONS blue tab. Start loading your shopping cart with Serene7 coffee cartons.

This is the best way to order your coffee and select ATO as your choice for a Serene7 donation. Swieter plans do not include an Amazon connection, nor will you be able to obtain this gourmet coffee from your grocer’s shelf. His plans to include the ability to order it from websites sponsored by the innumerable contacts he’s made in his 30 years of entrepreneurial endeavors.

Don’t forget the drop down menu at checkout!