Super fundraising 12th Annual 9/11 Heroes Run set for 9/10

The 12th Annual 9/11 Heroes Run set to begin the Saturday morning of Sept. 10 in front of City Hall will recognize survivors of the 9/11 attack who are part of a special museum exhibition at Houston Baptist University.

HPOU has supported this event from its very beginning. Net proceeds benefit Assist the Officer, Houston Professional Fire Fighters Local 341 and Operation Lone Star.

“This is a great day to come out to remember the victims of 9/ll and to support our heroes in uniform,” event coordinator Greg Fremin said, referring to all first responders and military personnel currently serving their cities, states and country.

Last year the event grossed $90,000.

Fremin expects participation of up to 2,000 runners and possibly more than that number.

Meanwhile, the museum exhibit at HBU will be available for viewing Sept. 10 and 11. It includes artifacts from the Twin Towers and many photos and special exhibits. A group of 9/11 survivors also will be on hand there. They are known as Ground Zero 360.

“This is part of a special traveling museum dedicated to remembering what happened in America on Sept. 11, 2001,” Fremin said. “These great survivors of that event also are going to be our guests of honor at the race.”

The annual event spearheaded by Fremin is always dedicated to the memory of a gallant member of the U. S. Marine Corps, Travis Manion.

Manion was killed April 29, 2007, in Iraq’s Al Anbar province, fatally wounded by an enemy sniper while aiding and drawing fire away from his wounded comrades.