Suspect refused to stop and led officers on a vehicle pursuit

HPOU’s Lam with Officers

Officers Bradshaw, Joseph, and Holmes are assigned to Night shift at Southeast where they attempted to initiate a traffic stop on a vehicle that was driving recklessly running stop signs and red lights. The suspect refused to stop and led officers on a vehicle pursuit that reached speeds of 95 mph. the suspect drove through an apartment complex, went off road, and lost control of the vehicle which he drove into Sims Bayou. As the vehicle began to sink, officers observed the suspect exit the vehicle and remove a baby carrier from the backseat that held a 7 month old baby. The suspect then started to swim away from the officers with the baby.

Officer Bradshaw swam towards the suspect and was able to grab the baby carrier, he then swam the baby back to safety. Officer Holmes and Officer Joseph swam towards the suspect and were able to detain him without further incident. The baby was evaluated and found to be safe and unharmed. The suspect was arrested and charged with Evading in a Motor Vehicle and Endangering a Child. These officers swam through deep, murky and dark waters in the middle of the night after a dangerous suspect. They showed extreme bravery and courage throughout this incident and for that the union awards them Officers of the Month.

Author Editorial Staff

Published August 7, 2023