Taking Initiative

HPOU’s Lam with Officer Carlson

On January 24, 2024, Officer C. Carlson was dispatched to a Meet Firefighter/Urgent call for service. It was determined a small fire had started inside of a condominium, but thankfully HFD was able to extinguish it before other neighboring units were damaged. This call evolved into a burglary of a habitation investigation when the resident’s owner discovered multiple firearms missing from inside his condominium. Officer Carlson thoroughly interviewed the resident along with the residents of neighboring condominiums and was able to not only establish a timeline for the burglary and fire, but also collect video surveillance of a suspect entering the condominium and carrying property out with him. North patrol officers located the same suspect seen in the video surveillance footage provided by neighbors and immediately detained him. Officer Carlson coordinated a meticulous response by alerting his immediate supervisor, notifying an on-call burglary investigator, consulting with the District Attorney’s Office, collecting evidence, and ultimately drafting and executing a residential search warrant to recover the stolen property. It is because of Officer Carlson’s initiative and attention to detail that he successfully assembled this puzzle while following all the best practices of a seasoned investigator. In addition to Officer Carlson arresting this potentially armed and dangerous suspect, he will also have the opportunity to return thousands of dollars worth of property to a Houston citizen. Officer Carlson’s response to this call is the definition of “taking initiative” and should be used to highlight the immense contribution patrol officers can make in their own districts.



Published February 5, 2024

Author Editorial Staff