Thank you, Forest Park Lawndale!

HPOU and the Badge & Gun would like to issue a special THANK YOU! to the owners, operators and managers of what we know as Forest Park Lawndale Cemetery.

There are two outstanding reasons for this special thanks.

Forest Park official Anthony Crespo was instrumental in helping to arrange the Sept. 12 ceremony honoring HPD’s first female officer and detective, Eva Jane Bacher. Bacher’s gravesite will be officially marked with the traditional plaque attached to the numerous gravestones and markers. This recognition is sponsored by the Houston Police Retired Officers Association (HPROA) and is strongly supported by the HPOU.

It includes the brass plaque attachment recognizing a Houston police officer for his/her service and honors their memory.

HPROA leader M. D. Beale, a retired sergeant from the Park Place rangers, said Crespo took the lead in providing process needed to attach the plaque to the headstone of Bacher’s grave, as well as arrangements for a tent, chairs, and bottled water for those planning to attend the plaque presentation ceremony.

All of this came at no cost. Forest Park refused payment of any sort.

There is a second reason for a huge Thank You.

For almost two decades, HPOU and the 100 Club of Greater Houston has sponsored special markers at the gravesites of officers killed in the line of duty.

Retired Homicide Lt. Nelson Zoch, author of Fallen Heroes of the Bayou City, was the driving force in the establishment of this worthy tradition.

Zoch said the vast majority of these gravesites have been marked.  The only graves who do not have markers are those where a surviving family member could not be located to give their approval.

There are 22 officers who died in the line of duty who are buried in Forest Park Lawndale.

Zoch reported, “Forest Park donated nine markers for Joseph Zamarron, Louis Kuba, D. W. Shirley, Noel Ray Miller, William E. Deleon, Claude Branon, J. D. Harris, David Huerta and Floyd Deloach.”

“Donated” means this all was done at the expense of Forest Park Lawndale.

We will say this one more time for now: THANK YOU, FOREST PARK LAWNDALE!