Thank you, Joe! Here’s to looking back and moving forward

Looking back over my time with the Union it is evident that I have worked with some really great leaders. As an HPOU board member, I had the good fortune to work with Gary Blankinship and J. J. Berry, who were class guys and taught me a lot about what a union should be and how it should function.

After taking J. J.’s place as 1st vice president in 2012, I had the honor of working with Ray Hunt and Joe Gamaldi, both of whom have been exceptional leaders for our great organization, and individuals that I am proud to call friends.

As most of you know, Joe worked very hard and burned a lot of time to prepare for the sergeant’s exam. In what should not be a surprise to anyone that he ended up number one on the list.

I am so very proud of his hard work and dedication to this organization and the greatest police department in our nation. I look forward to watching him move up the management ladder in this department as he will be a great supervisor and – most of all – a great leader.

As you know, the HPOU constitution does not allow a sergeant to hold the office of presidency. Therefore, Joe Gamaldi resigned as president of the Houston Police Officers Union at the Dec. 3 board meeting.

Although Joe has left the HPOU leadership position, he will continue to be the national vice president of the Fraternal Order of Police, speaking out for officers across the country.  For those not keeping up, since Joe was sworn into this national FOP office, the organization has excelled with its rapid growth.

I am confident that under the leadership of Pat Yoes and Joseph Gamaldi the Fraternal Order of Police will be on the front line on issues that will affect the Law Enforcement community nationwide.

Thank you, Joe, for your dedication and continued commitment to the HPOU and for your continued friendship.

As we move forward as an organization, I want to thank the board of directors for having the faith in me to run the organization and voting me in as the new president of the HPOU for the remainder of the term. I know that I have very big shoes to fill, as the example has been set by those before me. I am honored to represent the officers of the Houston Police Department and will dedicate myself to leading the organization and continue to protect our officers.

I also understand that it is incumbent upon myself and the leadership team to start looking to the future. The HPOU must recruit talented young officers and start developing the skills that they need to run the organization into the future.

I know from experience that there is a learning curve to this job, it takes dedication and a healthy time commitment. I will do everything within my power to make sure that the HPOU will recruit and develop the future leaders of the organization for the next generation of officers.

As always, stay safe and watch after each other.