The Nominations are in! Or are they?

WE NEED YOUR HELP. ALL OF US KNOW OF THE EXCELLENCE demonstrated every day and evening by the hard-working, highly professional officers in the Houston Police Department.

Every general membership meeting the Houston Police Officers Union recognizes this excellence by recognizing the HPOU Patrol Officer(s) of the Month and the HPOU Investigator(s) of the Month. The COVID-19 has prevented the Union from the usual citation and special in-person recognition since we have postponed our traditional monthly luncheon meetings until everyone gets a vaccine and we get the official go-ahead.

Meanwhile, the selection committee in charge of gathering the nomination forms has seen a sharp decrease in the number of forms it has received. Please let’s change this trend.

All of us know there are plenty examples of excellent work on patrol or by investigative units. Let’s take the simple step toward recognizing those fellow officers. HPOU President Doug Griffith says all it takes is sending HPOU a copy of a sergeant’s commendation letter.

Please go to and hover over the Members tab. On the right side of the menu, click on the nomination forms for Officer and Investigator of the Month. The form only takes a few minutes to fill out, especially if you have a commendation letter to cut and paste.

These monthly honorees are an integral part of a great HPOU institution. The “best of the best” is recognized at the annual Assist the Officer gala – another great event postponed due to the pandemic.

Pandemic or not, please don’t leave our selection committee high and dry with nominations. Make these people consider a wide array of nominations from throughout the department!