The recognition for excellence is there; the nominations are not

THE BADGE & GUN HAS RECOGNIZED HPD EXCELLENCE OVER the past few decades of publication, both in a newspaper format and online. This issue we spotlight yet another example of this quality of local law enforcement with our profile of Victim Services Lt. Julie Pleasant. We urge you to read our stories about her and the fine trend-setting work of the division.

We also regularly highlight stories of the Houston Police Officers Union’s Patrol Officer and Investigator of the Month. Each of these honorees are widely recognized for excellence and considered for Officer and Investigator of the Year awards, the Union’s and Assist the Officer’s most prestigious honors presented on an annual basis.

More and more officers and administrators like Lt. Pleasant should be recognized. But they can’t and never will be unless they are nominated.

HPOU has an abundance of recognitions but suffers from a lack of nominations for its monthly honors. Anyone – from rookie officer to seasoned administrator up to the level of chief of police – has the right to submit nominations. The forms are easily found on the Union’s website,

All HPOU members are urged to go there on a regular basis, copy the forms and fill them out to recognize excellence in the way HPD officers patrol the streets of Houston and investigate the often-gory details of difficult cases when their work results in taking dangerous criminals off the streets and putting them where they belong.

HPD has become a national trend setter in American law enforcement. The story of Pleasant and Victim Services is but one example. Let’s renew the effort to recognize individual, division-wide and department-wide excellence by getting more nominations in for consideration.