This is what success looks like at the Way Home Adoption

Eighty percent of the older youth who are waiting to be adopted will linger in foster care, remaining unchosen until they ‘age-out’ of the system.

They will spend their childhoods and formative years moving from home to home, school to school, with an average of six moves in less than six years. Although they make up a large portion of the kids who are waiting for adoption, kids between the ages of 11 and 17 are adopted only 20 percent of the time.

The Way Home Adoption uses evidence-based and child-specific adoption recruitment strategies that are proven to be more effective for older youth: Reconnection, Community Recruitment, Enrichment & Engagement. Our lifetime success rate is 55 percent.

Our program leads to permanency at more than twice the traditional rate!

Our Reconnection efforts have led to siblings Jeniece and Franklin, after 10 years in foster care, being able to live with their long, lost uncle with whom they always felt loved and cared for!

Our efforts to build up a child’s current community led to David’s music teacher becoming his adoptive father!

Our belief in children using their own voices and in providing them with platforms to share their stories and their desires through our Community Recruitment efforts have led to multiple families wanting to adopt Jessica.  She is no longer invisible, hidden behind the walls of the system.

Our belief in allowing children and interested parents to form natural bonds, through our Enrich & Engage program, led to the opportunity for a 12 year foster care veteran, Kavarion, to meet John and Sheila, a couple that subsequently decided to adopt him!

These examples show us what success looks like. It looks like a loving family, a loving single parent, a loving relative. It looks like a home you move into and do not have to move out of. Success is being able to remain in the same school until you graduate. Success is someone seeing you at your worst and not kicking you out but rather taking the time to teach you how to be your best.

Kids like Destanee, 16, who wants to be a police officer, or Francisco, 11, who wants to learn everything there is to know, are just some of the many older youth who are still waiting for their forever families to find them.

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Francisco is a friendly and curious 11-year-old boy who loves learning new things and helping out in the kitchen. His favorite things to help make are pancakes and grilled cheese sandwiches.