This year’s CMC Fair has gone virtual due to the virus

ATO’s Gabriela Gregory & Lisa Marino excited to be at the 2019 CMC Fair

About this time the Assist the Officer Foundation looks forward to setting up around the Reflection Pond at City Hall to share with city employees the way they can make contributions to ATO through the Combined Municipal Campaign (CMC).

We know why that format won’t be working this year. The coronavirus pandemic makes this year’s fundraising effort the “virtual CMC.”

But ATO’s Gabriela Gregory makes it clear that the payroll contributions are still very possible. All you need to do is follow the instructions on the printable form link below since this year the target audience – and a very willing one, at that – are the loyal City of Houston subscribers to the Badge & Gun.

“Normally we set up at the CMC Fair at the Reflection Pond downtown and we to get to explain who we are and our mission,” Gregory said. She typically focuses on ATO’s three main goals:

1.) Provide immediate financial relief to Houston Police Officers that have been critically injured on and off duty or suffer from a serious or terminal illness.

2.) Fund a natural disaster relief that we opened to all active Harris County First Responders during Hurricane Harvey.

3.) Help with the retirement expense of Narcotic K9’s, as well as their cremation expenses after retirement.

Gregory continued to say, “A dollar or two a paycheck is a normal donation amount through CMC and makes such a huge difference to help those who help us all.”  Please send completed forms to Gregory at no later than Wednesday, Oct. 28th.  And do not worry if you are not a City of Houston employee and a fan of ATO!  You can also sign-up online at for tax deductible recurring donations to ATO at any time.

Printable 2021 CMC ATO Contribution