Union distributes 50 gift boxes from Adopt an Officer organization

The HPOU distributed 50 Adopt an Officer gift boxes at the Nov. 20 K9 Memorial Service for Sita.

The boxes were provided by a California organization called Adopt an Officer. The group’s purpose is to honor police officers everywhere for their devotion and commitment to protect the citizens they serve.

Each gift box contains the following message:

“Thank you for your service, for your bravery, for the times you left your family, for your courage, for my safety, for the times you risked it all for my protection.”

The contents of each gift boxes included a high-quality flashlight, a writing utensil and a coffee cup –each meant as a way of saying Thank You.

“You are receiving these gift boxes because the citizens of your community, state and nation appreciate you,” the material provided by Adopt an Officer points out.

The coordinators of the program said they want to remind every police officer in the United States that despite what you read on social media and in the mainstream media that “millions of Americans still back the blue.”